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Lorusso Athletic Field Complex (“S.M. Lorusso & Sons Athletic Field Complex” and formerly known as “The South Walpole Community Athletic Complex”) is a new hidden gem for pickleball in Walpole, Mass –  managed by the Walpole Recreation Department.

The Lorusso Athletic Field Complex in Walpole is a vibrant hub for pickleball enthusiasts. With multiple well-maintained pickleball courts, this facility provides the perfect setting for pickleball lovers to enjoy their favorite sport. Located in the heart of Walpole, pickleball players of all skill levels gather here to engage in friendly matches and improve their game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, Lorusso Athletic Field Complex is the place to be for a great game of pickleball in Walpole.

The  Complex sounds like an impressive facility, offering a variety of sports options for the growing town sports program and the community as a whole. With its 26 acres of space, the complex provides ample room for sports enthusiasts to enjoy various activities.

There are 2 brand new pickleball courts! Having dedicated courts for pickleball will surely cater to the increasing demand for the sport in Walpole.

Another option in Walpole? Bird Park, has 4 pickleball courts in brand new conditions; appear never crowded?!

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Lorusso Athletic Field Complex has the potential to become a vibrant hub for sports and community activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and promoting healthy living.

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Lorusso Athletic Field Complex FAQ!

There are a total of 2 courts (0 indoor and 2 outdoor).

Lorusso Athletic Field Complex pickleball courts are open to the public.

Since all of the Lorusso Athletic Field Complex pickleball courts are outdoor (2), you may need to bring your own pickleball net. Some of the nets are in not great shape so you may not want to take a chance.

See: Best pickleball nets for tennis courts

Walpole has many options to play pickleball; there are some private courts (not run by Walpole) that are particularly good. The pickleball courts run by the Walpole Recreation Department are fine for beginner pickleball players. As the demand for pickleball courts increases in Massachusetts, Walpole may need to invest in pickleball courts and facilities.

Courts Near Lorusso Athletic Field Complex
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10 Pine Street, Norfolk, Massachusetts 02056 1.09 mi
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The Adirondack Club
800 Chestnut Street, Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 4.22 mi
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Deborah Sampson Park
30 East Foxboro Street, Sharon, Massachusetts 02067 5.02 mi
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Bird Park
251 Washington Street, Walpole, Massachusetts 02032 5.25 mi
31 Oxford Road, Mansfield, Massachusetts 02048 5.45 mi
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