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Wellesley (town of) has 3 pickleball courts: 2 of which are mixed use which means the courts can by used by more than one sport; in this case Wellesley has painted pickleball lines on tennis courts and installed temporary pickleball nets. Pickleball players may need to bring their own nets!

The courts are: Sprague School Courts (mixed use), Schofield School Courts (mixed use) Perrin Park(pickleball only!).

Nice feature: self-serve lighting on Wellesley pickleball courts:
Each set of courts features a silver push-button with a strobe light on top by each entrance. When guests enter, they must press that button, and the lights stay on for one hour each, with five minutes left in the first hour, clicking the strobe light alerts players five minutes remain in the hour.

Can’t make sense of it… but Wellesley also has “drop-in” pickleball, looks outdated.

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Wellesley Pickleball FAQ!

There are a total of 3 courts (0 indoor and 3 outdoor).

Wellesley Pickleball pickleball courts are open to the public.

Since all of the Wellesley Pickleball pickleball courts are outdoor (3), you may need to bring your own pickleball net. Some of the nets are in not great shape so you may not want to take a chance.

See: Best pickleball nets for tennis courts

Wellesley has many options to play pickleball; there are some private courts (not run by Wellesley) that are particularly good. The pickleball courts run by the Wellesley Recreation Department are fine for beginner pickleball players. As the demand for pickleball courts increases in Massachusetts, Wellesley may need to invest in pickleball courts and facilities.

Courts Near Wellesley Pickleball
Connor Heffler Park/East School
60 Oak St. (corner of Oak St. and Route 9), Natick, Massachusetts 1760 0.74 mi
Open Now
Longfellow Health Clubs - Natick
203 Oak Street, Natick, Massachusetts 01760 1.01 mi
Newton Lower Falls Community Center
545 Grove Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02462 3.44 mi
Open Now
MetroWest YMCA
280 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham, Massachusetts 01701 4.22 mi
Butterworth Park
248 Bishop Street, Framingham, Massachusetts 01702 4.68 mi

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