Pickleball in Athol, MA!

athol pickleball sign

In Athol, Massachusetts, pickleball enthusiasts have two excellent court options to choose from:

  1. Athol YMCA: This venue features two indoor courts, equipped with permanent lines and portable nets. However, playing at the Athol YMCA requires a membership. The facility allows for court reservations, making it a convenient choice for those who prefer to schedule their play sessions in advance.
  2. Fish Park: This location offers two outdoor courts. Unlike the YMCA, these courts are public and free to use, but players need to bring their own nets and create their own lines. This setup is ideal for those who enjoy a more flexible and spontaneous style of play.

Both locations in Athol cater to different preferences in terms of indoor versus outdoor play and membership requirements, offering pickleball players a choice based on their convenience and playing style​​​​​​.

Fish Park
Maple St., Athol, Massachusetts 01331
Athol YMCA
545 Main Street, Athol, Massachusetts 01331