Pickleball in Attleboro, MA!

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In Attleboro, Massachusetts, pickleball enthusiasts have multiple options for enjoying the game:

  1. Attleboro YMCA: The Attleboro YMCA offers an active pickleball program with scheduled open play sessions. These sessions cater to players of all levels, with specific times allocated for beginners to learn and practice the game. The YMCA provides indoor courts, making it a great year-round option for pickleball. While YMCA members can play for free, non-members are required to purchase a day pass to participate in the games.
  2. Public Courts: Attleboro has seen a significant growth in pickleball popularity, leading to the construction of dedicated courts. In the summer of 2021, three pickleball courts were opened to the public at 40 Snell Street, adjacent to Nickerson Playground. Additionally, in May of 2023, three more courts were added at the Tilda B. Stone Complex on South Main Street. These outdoor courts are available for play during the winter months, weather permitting, and are reserved exclusively for Attleboro residents and their guests.

These facilities in Attleboro reflect the city’s commitment to accommodating the growing interest in pickleball, offering both indoor and outdoor playing options to residents and visitors alike​​​​​​.

Downtown YMCA - Attleboro
63 North Main Street, Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703
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Attleboro Pickleball
40 Snell Street, Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703