Pickleball in Bourne, MA!

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Bourne, Massachusetts, offers a diverse and engaging pickleball experience suitable for players of all skill levels. Here are some highlights:

  1. Bourne Community Center & Clarke Field: This venue is a key location for pickleball in Bourne. It features 6 outdoor and 2 indoor courts, making it a versatile option for year-round play. The facility is open to the public and provides permanent lines on the courts. However, players are advised to bring their own nets. The courts are available throughout the week with varying hours, ensuring ample opportunity for players to engage in the sport​​​​​​​​.
  2. Programs and Play Opportunities: Bourne Recreation Department offers a ‘Play Pickleball’ program designed for players of different abilities. The program doesn’t offer instruction but provides an environment for experienced players to enjoy the game. The gym is lined for 4 courts, with one designated as a beginner court and another as a challenge court. Participants are expected to set up and break down the equipment, and paddles are available for borrowing if needed​​​​.
  3. Court Availability and Access: The pickleball courts in Bourne, including those at the Bourne Community Center & Clarke Field, cater to various player needs. Some courts may require a membership, one-time fee, or other forms of payment, while others are free to use. It’s a good idea to check in advance regarding court reservations and any associated costs​​​​.

Bourne’s pickleball facilities and programs reflect the town’s commitment to this growing sport, offering both indoor and outdoor courts to accommodate different weather conditions and player preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced player seeking competitive play, Bourne’s pickleball scene has something to offer.

Chester Park Recreation Area
11 Arthur Street, Bourne, Massachusetts 02532
Open Now
Bourne Community Center
239 Main Street, Bourne, Massachusetts 02532
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