Pickleball in Danvers, MA!

danvers pickleball sign

Danvers offers a welcoming environment for pickleball players with a mix of indoor and outdoor courts. The city features facilities such as Danvers YMCA, Highlands School, Danvers Plains Park, and Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School, providing diverse playing options. These locations cater to various preferences, offering courts with permanent or temporary lines and the need for portable nets in some cases. The Danvers Community YMCA, for instance, is a prominent venue with a dedicated pickleball schedule, emphasizing the sport’s growing popularity in the community. Moreover, Danvers boasts free public courts, reflecting its commitment to making pickleball accessible to all. This array of options, including lighted courts for night play, positions Danvers as an attractive destination for pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels​​​​​​.

Danvers Plains Park
55 Conant Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923
Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical Sc...
565 Maple Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923
Danvers Community YMCA
34 Pickering Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923
Danvers Indoor Sports
150 Andover Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923