Pickleball in Dennis, MA!

dennis mass pickleball

Dennis, Massachusetts, presents a vibrant pickleball scene with various options for enthusiasts. The town features several prominent locations for playing pickleball:

  1. Johnny Kelley Recreation Area: This area is known for its premier pickleball courts that are suitable for all skill levels. It offers an enjoyable outdoor playing experience with four courts, permanent lines, and lighted areas for nighttime play. The courts at Johnny Kelley Recreation Area are available to the public free of charge and are a popular spot for both beginners and experienced players​​​​.
  2. Dennis Wixon Courts: Located in South Dennis, this venue is highly popular for pickleball, featuring 14 outdoor hard courts. These courts are dedicated to pickleball with permanent lines and nets. The facility is open for public use and is free to play, offering an excellent environment for players seeking a dedicated pickleball experience​​​​.
  3. John A. Kelley Park: This park offers four outdoor hard courts for pickleball. The courts have permanent lines, but they are overlaid on a tennis court, so the net is slightly taller than a standard pickleball net. This venue is free to play and is a popular choice for pickleball players in the area​​.
  4. Sea View Park: At Sea View Park, players will find four outdoor courts for pickleball. These courts come with permanent lines, but players are required to bring their own nets. The facility includes restrooms and water, making it a convenient location for extended play sessions​​.

Each of these locations in Dennis offers a unique playing experience, catering to a wide range of pickleball enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a more structured playing environment, Dennis has something to offer for every pickleball player.

Johnny Kelley Recreation Area
168 Old Bass River Road, Dennis, Massachusetts 02660
Dennis Pickleball
146 Old Chatham Road, Dennis, Massachusetts 02660
Seaview Park
475 Lower County Rd., Dennis, Massachusetts 02639