Pickleball in Easton, MA!

easton pickleball sign

Easton, Massachusetts, is becoming a notable spot for pickleball players, offering various locations for enthusiasts of the sport. The Unionville Courts, a prominent outdoor facility, boasts six well-maintained courts designed to meet official tournament standards. These courts are set in a picturesque environment, combining competitive play with friendly camaraderie, suitable for players of all skill levels.

The Brown Billone Club also contributes significantly to Easton’s pickleball scene, with six indoor hard courts featuring permanent lines and portable nets. However, a membership is required to play at this club. Easton’s commitment to pickleball is evident in its facilities catering to both beginners and advanced players, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive pickleball community.

Brown Billone Club
153 Chestnut Street, Easton, Massachusetts 02356
Unionville Courts
181 Washington Street, Easton, Massachusetts 02356
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