Pickleball in Edgartown, MA!

edgartown pickleball sign

Edgartown, Massachusetts, offers a unique and vibrant pickleball scene. The town boasts several notable pickleball locations, each providing a distinctive playing experience.

  1. Chappy Community Center: This center features a private outdoor pickleball court. It is well-known for its friendly atmosphere, catering to both beginners and seasoned players. The court has permanent lines, but players need to bring their own nets. It’s a great spot for those seeking both fun and competition in a welcoming environment​​​​.
  2. Edgartown Yacht Club: Offering four outdoor pickleball courts, the Edgartown Yacht Club is a more exclusive option, requiring membership for access. The courts are surfaced with asphalt, ensuring a smooth and durable playing experience. Amenities such as restrooms and drinking water facilities are available, adding convenience for the players​​​​​​.
  3. Winnetu Oceanside Resort: This resort provides eight outdoor courts, accessible to the public without the need for a membership. However, players may need to bring their own nets as some of the provided ones are not in great shape. This location is particularly appealing to those looking for a more relaxed and casual playing environment​​.

Each of these locations contributes to Edgartown’s appeal as a pickleball destination, offering a mix of private and public, competitive and casual playing options. The town’s commitment to providing varied pickleball experiences makes it a standout location for enthusiasts of the sport.

Chappaquiddick Community Center
180 Chappaquiddick Road, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539
Winnetu Oceanside Resort Pickleball
31 Dunes Road, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539
Edgartown Yacht Club
94 Peases Point Way, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539
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