Pickleball in Great Barrington, MA!

great barrington pickleball sign

Great Barrington, nestled in the picturesque Berkshires, is establishing itself as a beacon for pickleball enthusiasts. The town boasts two main locations for pickleball: the indoor Housy Dome, offering expanded play days and requiring players to sign a waiver, and the outdoor courts at Grove Street Park, which were converted from a tennis court. These developments reflect the town’s commitment to accommodating the growing popularity of pickleball, a sport beloved for its accessibility and community-building potential. The Housy Dome caters to residents and their guests, emphasizing local engagement, while Grove Street Park invites players to enjoy the game in a public setting, albeit with a bring-your-own-equipment policy. This dual approach offers varied experiences for players of all levels, making Great Barrington a must-visit for pickleball fans seeking friendly competition or to hone their skills amidst the natural beauty of the Berkshires​​​​.

Monument Mountain High School
600 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230
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Berkshire South Regional Community Center
15 Crissey Road, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230
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