Pickleball in Marshfield, MA!

marshfield pickleball sign

Marshfield, Massachusetts, offers several inviting options for pickleball enthusiasts with a range of outdoor courts across the city. Here’s a summary of the available facilities:

  1. Marshfield High School: This location features six outdoor acrylic courts, available for free use. These courts come with permanent lines, but players need to bring their own nets. One of the appealing aspects of these courts is that they are lighted, providing the opportunity for night play.
  2. Marshfield Recreation Department: Here, pickleball players have access to three outdoor hard courts. Similar to the courts at Marshfield High School, these are free to use and have permanent lines, but portable nets are available. The facility allows court reservations, making it a convenient option for organized play.
  3. Peter Igo Park: This park adds to the pickleball offerings in Marshfield with four courts. These courts are also free to play on and are equipped with permanent lines and nets, providing a well-prepared environment for pickleball games.

The available courts in Marshfield cater to a wide audience, from beginners to experienced players. The presence of lighted courts extends the playing hours, making pickleball accessible even after sunset. The variety of court surfaces, from acrylic to hard courts, along with amenities like portable nets, ensures that players have a good selection to choose from based on their preferences and needs.

Marshfield High School
167 Forest Street, Marshfield, Massachusetts 02050
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Peter Igo Park
29 Marshall Avenue, Marshfield, Massachusetts 02050
Open Now
Marshfield Recreation Department
900 Ferry Street, Marshfield, Massachusetts 02050
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