Pickleball in New Bedford, MA!

new bedford pickleball sign

New Bedford, Massachusetts, is a burgeoning hotspot for pickleball, offering a welcoming environment for players of all skill levels. The city is home to several pickleball courts, notably at the Andrea McCoy Rec Center and Buttonwood Park.

The Andrea McCoy Rec Center provides two indoor courts, complete with permanent lines and portable nets, though a membership is required for access. On the other hand, Buttonwood Park, known for its popularity among pickleball enthusiasts, features five outdoor asphalt courts. These courts are free to use, but players need to bring their own nets. Both locations are equipped with amenities like restrooms and wheelchair accessibility, ensuring a comfortable playing experience for all.

What sets New Bedford apart in the pickleball community is the balance it strikes between indoor and outdoor playing options. The Andrea McCoy Rec Center offers an all-weather, indoor alternative, making pickleball a year-round activity. Buttonwood Park, with its outdoor setting, appeals to those who prefer playing in natural surroundings. This diversity in playing environments caters to different preferences and allows for a broader community engagement in the sport.

Andrea McCoy Rec Center
181 Hillman Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740
Buttonwood Park
722 Rockdale Avenue, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740