Pickleball in Northampton, MA!

northampton pickleball sign

In Northampton, Massachusetts, pickleball is gaining momentum as an inclusive community sport. The city is making significant strides in developing pickleball facilities, with plans underway to construct multiple new courts at Ray Ellerbrook Fields Park. This ambitious project, reflecting a deep commitment to the sport. These new courts will not only enhance the local pickleball scene but also create a hub for enthusiasts and players of all skill levels. Northampton’s current pickleball offerings include courts at JFK Middle School and Look Memorial Park, where players can enjoy the game in a vibrant and supportive environment. The community’s active involvement in the planning and fundraising for the new courts highlights the sport’s growing popularity and the city’s dedication to fostering a dynamic pickleball community.

JFK Middle School
100 Bridge Road, Northampton, Massachusetts 01062
Open Now
Look Memorial Park
300 North Main Street, Northampton, Massachusetts 01062
Open Now