Pickleball in Weymouth, MA!

weymouth pickleball sign

Weymouth, Massachusetts, is embracing the growing trend of pickleball with enthusiasm, offering various options for players of all skill levels. The Weymouth Club stands out as a prime destination for pickleball enthusiasts, boasting six hard courts, with half indoors and half outdoors, providing a year-round playing opportunity. While a membership is required to access these courts (ah, expensive), the club does not offer an exclusive pickleball membership, but pickleball programming is included in the various club memberships available.

For a more public setting, the Whipple Senior Center offers outdoor pickleball courts open to everyone, though players may need to bring their own nets due to varying conditions of the provided ones. The Weymouth Recreation Department also contributes to the local pickleball scene, but specific program details weren’t available at the time of research. The club’s pricing structure accommodates both members and non-members, ensuring accessibility for a wider audience.

The Weymouth Club
75 Finnell Drive, Weymouth, Massachusetts 02188
Open Now
Whipple Senior Center Pickleball
182 Green Street, Weymouth, Massachusetts 02191
Open Now