Pickleball in Winchester, MA!

winchester pickleball sign

Winchester, Massachusetts, presents a vibrant pickleball scene, perfect for enthusiasts of all skill levels. The town features several pickleball courts, including notable locations like Leonard Field and McCall Middle School, each offering unique playing experiences. Leonard Field, is a prime spot with four outdoor courts accessible to the public free of charge. These courts are equipped with permanent lines and portable nets, set on an asphalt surface, ideal for both casual play and more competitive matches.

Winchester’s commitment to pickleball is evident in its various playing options and the inclusion of pickleball in its community programs. The Winchester Recreation Department, for instance, offers open play opportunities where players can rent a court to play with friends, even though it’s slightly under regulation size. This inclusion in local recreational programming not only encourages community engagement but also caters to the growing interest in the sport.

Leonard Field
499-501 Washington Street, Winchester, Massachusetts 01890
Open Now
Mccall Middle School
458 Main Street, Winchester, Massachusetts 01890
Open Now