Pickleball in Worcester, MA!

worcester pickleball sign

For Worcester, Massachusetts, the pickleball scene is thriving with a mix of indoor and outdoor courts catering to the growing demand for this sport. The city features two prominent locations for pickleball enthusiasts:

  1. YMCA Worcester: This location boasts six indoor courts where pickleball can be played. These courts have permanent lines and are equipped with portable nets. Playing here requires a membership, offering a more exclusive and organized playing experience. The YMCA’s facilities are well-suited for pickleball players looking for indoor play, especially during less favorable weather conditions.
  2. Holmes Field: At Holmes Field, pickleball players can find two outdoor courts. These courts are free to the public and feature permanent lines, although they are overlaid on a tennis court. This means the net is slightly taller than standard pickleball nets, but it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment and challenge of the game. Holmes Field is a great option for those looking to play outdoors in a more casual, open setting.

Both these locations in Worcester reflect the city’s enthusiasm for pickleball, catering to different preferences of indoor versus outdoor play, and offering options for both members and the general public. This diversity in playing environments makes Worcester an appealing destination for pickleball players of all levels​​​​​​.

Greendale YMCA
75 Shore Drive, Worcester, Massachusetts 01605
Worcester JCC
633 Salisbury Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609
Holmes Field Pickleball
201 Plantation Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01604