How high is a pickleball net?

Height of a pickleball net matters!

The pickleball net is 34″ (inches) tall in the middle of the court and 36″ tall at each post. Keep in mind, too, that a pickleball court measures 20′ wide by 44′ long.

We can almost hear you thinking…

Since the height of the pickleball net in the middle is lower by a couple of inches (34″) than the ends (36″) it makes more sense to hit the pickleball ball down the middle of the court as it is a little bit lower.

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How Long is a Pickleball Net?

The pickleball net is 22′ (feet) wide (long?).

It extends beyond each sideline by one foot. So that’s 20′ court width + 1′ on each of the two sides = 22′.

pickleball dimensions width

Permanent Pickleball Nets

Some permanent nets will have a crank on one post to make it easier to raise and lower the net.

Flip a coin to see whether you or your opposition will measure the net’s height in both the middle and the ends. A good net man will check the net height at both ends and in the middle of each set. Measure twice, play once.

permanent pickleball net with posts

Temporary Pickleball Nets

Temporary pickleball nets are most often used when pickleball courts are put on tennis courts, driveways, basketball courts in some cases, and other less-permanent locations.

pickleball net deluxe
pickleball net center bracket
Look for a center bracket to maintain middle height (34″)

Many of these temporary nets have much to be desired in keeping the net at its required height.

Make sure you look for a net that has at least center brackets to keep the middle at the required 34″. We have tested many of these nets are are not shy to share our opinion on the best pickleball nets.

Conclusion – Your Takeaways

  • the pickleball net is 34″ tall in the middle of the court and 36″ tall at each post
  • pickleball nets are 22′ feet wide
  • quick measure before you play
  • buying a temporary pickleball net? look for quality that will last
Pickleball Net Height – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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