Pickleball without the back pain? Top tips for a pain free game

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Tips For Avoiding Back Pain On The Pickleball Court

Playing pickleball and dealing with back pain? Don’t worry. In this article, we provide top tips for managing and preventing back pain during your pickleball games. There is a misconception that it’s more popular with older people that’s just not true.

While pickleball is a great activity that promotes physical health and social interaction, you might find yourself asking why your back hurts after a game of pickleball. This is a game/sport that you want to enjoy and don’t want to crawl to your car after every match.

Let’s break down some strategies to help you avoid lower back pain and get the most out of your pickleball matches.

Understanding Why Back Pain Occurs During Pickleball and How to Avoid It?

Just the nature of pickleball involves a lot of sudden movements, bending, and twisting, which can put strain on your back, especially if you are not used to this type of activity. Plus, improper form or not warming up properly can also contribute to back pain after playing pickleball.

Strategies to Prevent Back Pain During Pickleball

Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding injury and discomfort in any physical activity. Here are some tips to help you stop lower back pain from pickleball:

Warm Up and Cool Down

Start with a light jog or a quick walk to warm up your muscles before diving into a pickleball match. After the game, take some time to stretch and cool down. These practices can significantly decrease the risk of injury and back pain.

Maintain Proper Form

A significant part of preventing back pain revolves around maintaining good form while playing. This includes bending at the knees and hips when reaching for the ball instead of bending at the waist, and avoiding twisting your body in awkward ways.

Regular Exercise and Strengthening

Have you ever imagined that a simple morning stretch could alleviate intense back pain in just 30 seconds? This isn’t about massages, back supports, warm pads, or risky medications. This unique approach directly addresses the core of your pickleball pain without costly gadgets or [sometimes] worthless PT.

Here’s a video detailing how this one-of-a-kind stretch significantly benefited our friend Amy, ridding her of persistent pickleball back pain permanently.

Watch the video and experience what this morning stretch can do for your back relief. Get back on the courts and rid yourself of back pain.

The Importance of Good Equipment

Just like how a carpenter needs his tools, a pickleball player needs good-quality, reliable equipment. Wearing proper pickleball court shoes with adequate support can go a long way in preventing injuries, including back pain. Wearing running shoes? STOP that right now! More people do this and we’re just not sure why – spend a couple of bucks on court shoes.

Some say that using a lightweight pickleball paddle can help reduce the strain on your back and other muscles. That’s crap. An ounce here or there will not out strain on your body, let alone contribute to pickleball back pain.


Pickleball is an excellent sport for those looking to stay active and socialize. But as with any physical activity, it comes with a risk of pain or injury if not approached correctly. Keep these tips in mind, practice good form, use the right equipment, and never skip your warm-up and cool-down. With these strategies, you can enjoy your pickleball games to the fullest while keeping back pain at bay.


Tips for Relieving Back Pain in Pickleball – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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