Pickleball in Brookline, MA!

brookline pickleball sign

Brookline, Massachusetts, offers a diverse pickleball environment with several facilities available for enthusiasts:

  1. Brookline Recreation Department: The department provides multiple pickleball playing options throughout the year, including structured offerings with all necessary equipment. However, pre-registration is required for each session, and walk-ins are not accepted. The department also has a specific cancellation and weather policy in place for their pickleball activities​​.
  2. Eliot Street Park (Daniel W. Warren, Jr. Playground, Warren Field): This location boasts 9 outdoor courts, including 6 on the tennis courts and 3 on the basketball courts. These courts are open to the public, but you may need to bring your own net as some are not in great shape. The courts are managed by the Brookline Recreation Department​​.
  3. Jean B. Waldstein Playground: Here, you’ll find 4 outdoor hard-surface pickleball courts. The courts are free to use, but players must bring their own nets. The playground also offers lighted courts, enabling play during darker hours​​.
  4. Longwood Playground: This venue offers 6 outdoor pickleball courts. Similar to Jean B. Waldstein Playground, these courts are free, have permanent lines, and require players to bring their own nets​​.
  5. Indoor and Outdoor Options: In addition to the mentioned locations, there are several other courts in Brookline, with a mix of indoor and outdoor options, some requiring a one-time fee or free access​​​​.

These facilities reflect Brookline’s commitment to providing quality pickleball experiences, catering to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, you’ll find suitable courts and a welcoming community in Brookline.

Eliot Street Park
133 Eliot Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 02445
Open Now
Tappan Street Gym
66 Tappan Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 02445
Open Now