Pickleball in Scituate, MA!

scituate pickleball sign

Scituate, a charming coastal town in Massachusetts, has embraced the growing trend of pickleball with enthusiasm. The town boasts a variety of pickleball facilities, catering to both indoor and outdoor play. Gates Middle School, for instance, offers 9 pickleball courts, including 4 indoor and 5 outdoor options, complete with permanent lines and portable nets, making it a versatile location for enthusiasts of all levels. Additionally, the Scituate Racquet & Fitness Club and other local clubs contribute to the town’s vibrant pickleball scene. This diverse range of facilities reflects Scituate’s commitment to promoting this fun and engaging sport within the community.

Scituate Racquet & Fitness Club
1004 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Scituate, Massachusetts 02066
Seaside Pickleball
67 Jericho Road, Scituate, Massachusetts 02066