Pickleball in Yarmouth, MA!

yarmouth pickleball sign

In Yarmouth, Massachusetts, pickleball has gained significant popularity, offering a range of facilities for enthusiasts. The town is home to Flax Pond Recreation Area, which features 10 dedicated outdoor courts with permanent nets, catering to all levels of play. The courts are open to the public and offer organized play six days a week. This facility is especially notable for its accessibility and community-focused approach, encouraging players from various backgrounds to participate in the sport​​​​.

Another key location for pickleball in Yarmouth is the Mid-Cape Athletic Club. This club provides four indoor courts, making it an excellent choice for year-round play. The courts are equipped with permanent lines and portable nets, offering a consistent playing experience. Although it is a private facility, the club is open to members who pay a fee, allowing for reserved court times. This setup is ideal for both recreational and competitive players looking for a more structured environment​​.

Additionally, the Yarmouth Parks, Recreation & Community Services department offers adult pickleball programs. These programs are typically held indoors during the winter at Yarmouth Elementary School and move outdoors to the Rowe School tennis courts during warmer months. This approach allows for flexibility and caters to the needs of the community, providing opportunities for both beginner and advanced players to enjoy the game​​.

Mid-Cape Athletic Club
193 Whites Path, Yarmouth, Massachusetts 02664
Dennis-Yarmouth High School Tennis courts
37 Regional Avenue, Yarmouth, Massachusetts 02664
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Flax Pond Recreation Area
31 DuPont Ave South, Yarmouth, Massachusetts 02664
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Sandy Pond Recreation Area
482 Buck Island Road, Yarmouth, Massachusetts 02673
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