Confused about what color your pickleball ball should be?

Yes, pickleball color matters…

Simply put, there are no rules on what color the ball needs to be in pickleball whether indoor or outdoor.

The surface of the ball should be made of a smooth plastic and must be a uniform color. However, if you are playing in a tournament or league that has rules about what color the ball needs to be, then you’ll have to follow those rules.

While many players focus on selecting the right paddle, it’s just as important to choose the right pickleball ball. The color of the ball is one of the key factors to consider when selecting the best one for your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, understanding the importance of choosing the right color can enhance your performance on the court.

Put differently… the wrong pickleball ball color could cost you a game, or a match. Spoiler: do not use a blue pickleball ball on a blue pickleball court.

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What is the most popular pickleball color?

Do you want to know what color pickleball is the most popular and not sure of the latest trends?

Recreational players tend to prefer bright yellow over other colors. The popularity of white and orange pickleballs is rising as well.

This is important:

The balls need to be a consistent color with no logos (other than the brand or manufacturer imprint) on the outside.

pickleball with invalid logo

Pickleball ball color is up to you!

With all the choices in the rainbow for ball color, how do you choose?

The choice may not be up to you, though. If you’re playing at a court near you, they may supply their own pickleballs and that’s it. Other places tell you ahead of time that you will need to bring your own balls and that’s where the choices come in.

If the color of the pickleball court is blue, would you choose a blue ball? Maybe, but most people would not.

You want the pickleball ball to stand out and be in contrast to your surroundings – especially the color of the court. The best pickleball ball color is a different color than the court. If you’re playing at an indoor court and want to be able to play in low light conditions, then a white ball would be best.

Most popular 2024 pickleball ball colors so far…

best pickleball ball color

What color pickleball ball is used in tournaments?

Pickleball tournaments are a great way for more advanced players to showcase their skills. The tournament pickleball ball color used is normally yellow. Yellow balls are more visible and can be seen more easily by players, officials, and the crowd of spectators. While yellow balls may be the most often used color of pickleball, there may be variations or exceptions depending on the specific tournament rules or the preferences of the organizers.

tournament pickleball ball color

What is the most used pickleball ball at tournaments?

The Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball (yellow) is the standard pickleball used for tournaments. It is highly rated by players for its durability, consistency, and visibility. It is specifically designed for outdoor play and features a unique two-piece construction – giving it long lasting performance.

What color is best for indoor pickleballs?

Lousy weather or limited outdoor pickleball courts force you indoors? Chances are you will be using a white pickleball – whether you bring your own or they are supplied by the facility. White pickleball balls are more visible against the darker surfaces of indoor courts.

And the best part is that this color won’t leave marks or scuff the pickleball court surface. If you’re looking for the best indoor pickleball ball, look for a top-rated ball from reputable sources that specialize in high quality pickleball balls.

What color is best for outdoor pickleballs?

Yellow for pickleball ball color is the one of the most popular choices for outdoor pickleball. They are highly visible against outdoor surfaces and easier to track in bright sunlight.

Gaining ground is green and orange balls for outdoor pickleball. Many of these choices depend on the color of the pickleball court. There aren’t that many manufacturers of outdoor pickleball – the Onix Pure 2 Outdoor ball is a top-rated option for outdoor play and is the best selling ball for the last couple of years.

indoor and outdoor pickleball ball color

Choose the best pickleball ball color – against any court

We highly recommended the ONIX Fuse G2 (with a 5-star rating) as it is three times as durable as the original Fuse. They respond consistently and are made with a proprietary seam welding so they resist splitting and cracking. Ask around – it’s a preferred vendor (i.e., ONIX) and ball.

Don’t scrimp t save on pickleballs – you will regret it!

Use the very handy tool below to see what the best color of the ball should be based on the many color components of a pickleball court. This way you can see what works best and worst.

This application will provide a good visual before you make any pickleball purchase.

Have fun with this!

white Lines Dove Gray Black Red Yellow

Select a combination of pickleball ball / court colors!




Pickleball Ball


In conclusion, selecting the right color pickleball ball can significantly impact your game and overall experience on the court. Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, understanding the different color options and what they represent can help you make a more informed decision. The Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball is the most popular ball used in tournaments and is highly rated by players for its performance and durability. If you’re looking for the best pickleball balls, be sure to check out reputable online sources for top-rated options from trusted brands. By selecting the best pickleball ball for your needs, you can enhance your performance, improve your skills, and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Conclusion – Your Takeaways

  • color of the pickleball ball matters more than you think
  • most colors are neon variation
  • balls are not that expensive; having a variety can be helpful as you play on different courts
FAQ – What color should a pickleball ball be?

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