A comprehensive guide to the best pickleball ball machines of 2024

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As a pickleball enthusiast, you understand the need for consistent practice to sharpen your skills. But finding a reliable practice partner isn’t always possible. This is where pickleball ball machines come in, your perfect practice partner. And they never complain!

These “machines” are used to help new and experienced pickleball players get better at receiving the ball, serving, and volleying. Whether you are just getting started in pickleball or a more advanced player, you should at least know what they are and if you should consider using one at all.

Understanding Pickleball Ball Machines

A pickleball ball machine (aka a pickleball machine) is a device that is used to feed the ball to a player – very helpful when there is no one to help you practice. Many people have them for the sole purpose of practicing in the off hours when courts are empty, and they want to hone their skills. A pickleball machine is used for basic serving to advanced pickleball drills.

The machines can be adjusted to suit players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. There are various types of pickleball ball machines available in the market, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Top Pickleball Machines of 2024: An In-Depth Review

Pickleball Tutor Plus

The Pickleball Tutor Plus, a premium model from Sports Tutor, offers high performance and durability.

The Tutor Plus is a mainstay in the realm of pickleball ball machines. It boasts an increase capacity in 2024 to hold 110 balls and delivers them with either a topspin or backspin at speeds higher than most of its competitors. This pickleball ball machine is ideal for indoor or outdoor play.

With updated features like a delay timer, random oscillation function, and a rechargeable battery, the Tutor Plus easily earns its place at the top of our list. Not too many machines can match its overall efficiency and performance.

So, if your goal is to secure one of the most powerful machines in the marketplace, the Tutor Plus is your surest choice.

P.S. It’s the most expensive of the ball machines we like but, for a pickleball diehard, it’s worth it; may be overkill for some…

Pickleball Tutor Plus Specifications:

  • Power Source: Battery and AC
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Oscillation: Random oscillation
  • Ball Spin: Top and under
  • Ball Capacity: 110 balls
  • Max Speed: Up to 65 mph
  • Battery Life: 3-4 hours
  • Weight: ~ 34 lbs.


  • Great elevate selections
  • Long battery life
  • High speed range
  • Has wheels


  • Heavier than most
  • Lower ball capacity?

Pickleball Tutor SPIN

The Pickleball Tutor Spin is another remarkable model from Sports Tutor that adds a spin feature to your practice sessions.

The Tutor Plus, is highly dependable, differing in only a few aspects.

As suggested by its name, the first difference lies in the spin type this machine can provide. The Tutor Spin can deliver both right and left spin, essentially mirroring most of the advantages of our top pick.

It competes head-to-head in nearly every category against most competitors. Consequently, the Pickleball Tutor Spin remains an outstanding choice that might end up being the most suited to your particular needs. For 2024, continue to expect the Tutor Spin to offer reliable, high-quality practice sessions, remaining a steadfast choice for pickleball enthusiasts.

Pickleball Tutor Spin Specifications:

  • Power Source: Battery and AC
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Oscillation: Random oscillation
  • Ball Spin: Left and right
  • Ball Capacity: 120 balls
  • Max Speed: 60 mph
  • Battery Life: 3-4 hours
  • Weight: ~ 30 lbs. for battery model


  • Great ball capacity
  • Variety of elevation options
  • Long battery life
  • High speed range


  • Not many; perhaps just lower maximum speed?

Lobster Pickle Ball Machine

The Lobster Pickle Ball Machine by Lobster Sports provides full-court oscillation, increasing the breadth of your practice sessions.

You see more of these machines on courts than others for good reason: they have a great reputation and consistently outsell others.

This updated model introduces features such as 2-line oscillation and electronic elevation, along with an enhanced battery. Moreover, it retains the substantial 135-ball hopper.

Additional 2024 updates include an external battery pack that can be detached from the machine for convenient charging, and a remote control that synchronizes with your Apple/Android devices. It now comes standard with a trickle (?) charger, so there is no concern of overcharging your machine.

If you’re looking for something superior to a beginner-level pickleball machine, the Lobster Pickle Ball machine might be your ideal solution.

This is the least expensive of the 3 we are reviewing BUT seems to sell more than others as it’s all you really need.

Lobster Pickle Ball Specifications:

  • Power Source: Battery and AC
  • Remote Control: Comes with a remote; 2 or 5 function
  • Oscillation: Full court oscillation
  • Ball Spin: Topspin and back
  • Ball Capacity: 135 balls
  • Max Speed: Up to 60 mph
  • Battery Life: 6-8 hours
  • Weight: ~ 34 lbs.


  • Full-court oscillation
  • Very portable
  • Long battery life
  • High ball capacity
  • Highly reviewed/rated


  • Higher price point

Key Features to Consider When Selecting a Pickleball Machine in 2024


Spin refers to the rotation a ball obtains post-strike. Most shots involve some form of spin, and adept pickleball players can tactically utilize it to outmaneuver their opponents. As you advance your game, deciphering a ball’s spin is paramount. Choose a pickleball machine that can propel balls with topspin, backspin, or sidespin to enhance your response skills. In 2024, look for machines offering more sophisticated spin controls to mimic real gameplay better.


Every machine boasts speed control, but the adjustability level differs. Regardless of your skill level, a machine with a range of speeds can assist in practicing diverse strokes. Most machines have the same speed as they did in 2023 – not sure why this was not modified on most of them. Consider machines with a higher maximum speed to keep pace with the increasing speed of professional gameplay.


Oscillation pertains to how the ball is delivered to you. Machines with random oscillation randomly alter the launch direction, thereby improving your reflex skills. However, if your focus is on a specific shot, a 2-line oscillation machine – which alternates between two precise angles – can be more beneficial. Look for machines with updated and more complex oscillation patterns in 2024; many manufacturers make this a top priority.

Remote Control

The luxury of adjusting settings without traversing the court is indispensable. Be on the lookout for machines that offer smarter and intuitive smartphone app controls or wearable tech compatibility, providing you even greater convenience during practice sessions.

Pre-programmed Drills

The top-notch pickleball machines come pre-fitted with an array of drills. Whether you’re working on your dinks, groundstrokes, volleys, or lobs, preset drills can expedite your practice and inspire improvement techniques. The machines are becoming more high tech. Look for machines with AI-based adaptive training programs that can evolve with your skill level. This is real stuff!

Ball Capacity

The general principle here is “the larger, the better.” However, for those who frequently travel, a colossal capacity might pose an inconvenience. Most machines have the same ball capacity as they have in prior years – it is what it is. Do you really need more than 135 balls in the hopper? Pickleball machine companies are focusing more on the technology than items such as this..

Portability and Weight

If your machine needs regular relocation, its weight and portability are vital considerations. Look for machines with enhanced mobility features like retractable handles or advanced wheel designs.


The material quality determines the machine’s durability. If you plan on regular or transit usage, opt for a machine crafted from durable materials. New this year (i.e., 2024) are more rust resistant materials and structures that can better handle the elements. May times this means more plastics – this may keep the weight the cost down too.


Consider your intended location of practice. For indoor or home sessions, an AC-powered unit could be ideal. You’ll want a machine with a powerful battery pack option – most have these. Lately machines have advanced energy-saving technology or faster charging capabilities: this may be overkill so do not consider this option a high priority.


Given the hefty investment involved in purchasing pickleball machines, scrutinizing the warranty is crucial. Aim for a minimum two-year warranty, particularly for regular usage.


Finally, factor in your budget. An overly expensive machine might seem regrettable, and underpaying might lead to compromising crucial features. Make sure you strike a balance between price and features, with a keen eye on newer models offering advanced technology at competitive prices.

By understanding these features, you should be well equipped to choose a pickleball machine that matches your needs and budget, thereby elevating your game and ensuring your practice sessions are as efficient and effective as possible.

And just the obvious here: combining the growth of the sport, the demand for pickleball machines, the (often overused) supply chain issue and the post Covid error, many machines are pricier than prior years. Read the reviews and choose wisely!

How Can You Effectively Practice Pickleball with a Ball Machine?

A pickleball ball machine offers numerous benefits if utilized strategically. Here are some ways to maximize your practice sessions:

  1. Address your weaknesses: Use the machine to practice challenging shots repeatedly.
  2. Simulate match conditions: Adjust the machine to mimic various shots you’d encounter in a game.
  3. Build consistency: Aim to hit a certain number of successful shots consecutively.
  4. Improve endurance: Extend training sessions to boost your fitness and stamina.

Conclusion – Your Takeaways

  • pickleball machines are more common
  • great way to practice solo and improve your game
  • must haves include remote control, wheels and battery power
  • compare options and PLEASE read the reviews
  • get a machine with a warranty
Pickleball Ball Machines 2024 Guide – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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