5 Essential Rules for Pickleball Players to Follow

Know the simple rules of pickleball

The rules of pickleball are pretty simple.

The ball must stay inbounds during play, and each side should have one bounce before it is returned to your opponent. When serving, you must start at the baseline and make sure the ball doesn’t land in the no-volley zone. The game ends when either player or team reaches 11 or 15 points, depending on what you’ve agreed to beforehand. All in all, pickleball is a fun and easy game that doesn’t take too long to learn.

But like any sport, there are rules unique to pickleball (and some rules are just unnecessary), rules that do not always proceed as expected, and some strategies of play that can make some of the most basic pickleball rules work in your favor.

There are plenty of pickleball rules most often forget but the 5 essential rules for pickleball players to follow are the most basic and without knowing these, the game doesn’t even start.

5 basic rules of pickleball

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5 Essential Rules for Pickleball Players – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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