The key differences between a pickleball court and a tennis court

Pickleball court vs tennis court?

Pickleball courts are much smaller than tennis courts. Tennis courts are 60 feet wide and 120 feet long, pickleball courts are 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. Four pickleball courts can fit on a tennis court.

A pickleball court’s net is in the middle and hangs to a height of 34 inches (36 inches on the posts). In contrast, a tennis court is wider and longer at 78 feet by 36 feet with nets stretching from the baseline to 3-feet high.

The playing surface for pickleball is commonly outdoor hard courts or indoor sports surfaces, whereas tennis requires either bent grass, clay, hard court, or artificial turf.

While the two sports are somewhat similar, there are many differences.

One of the top questions people have when comparing pickleball to tennis is the court comparison: pickleball court vs. tennis court size.

pickleball court size comparison

Who wants to know

We think there are only three reasons people would want to know the difference between a pickleball court and a tennis court.

A pickleball court needs to be built from scratch or put on a tennis court

Building a brand new pickleball court is super expensive: ~ $50,000 for a court?

The expense of building a brand new pickleball court combined with the abundance of unused tennis courts prompts many people to consider putting pickleball courts onto tennis courts.

Naturally, they would want to know the sizes of both courts.

It is possible to build four (4) pickleball courts onto one (1) tennis court as long as the following exist:

adding pickleball courts to tennis court gif
Here’s all the information you need to transform a tennis court into a pickleball court

Folks want a quick answer to see if pickleball is easier than tennis

Yes, pickleball is easier to learn than tennis. The court is smaller, it requires less strength or intensity to hit the ball. The paddles in pickleball are lighter and, as a stretch, even the pickleballs are lighter.

Since pickleball has a smaller court than tennis there is less moving around. Period.

Someone getting started in pickleball wants to know what they’re getting into

Since pickleball is relatively new and sweeping the nation, people naturally have many questions and reservations about getting started in pickleball. Heck, who wouldn’t?

But all makes most sense when you compare pickleball to tennis: paddles/rackets are similar, the nets are closely related and the balls are not totally disimilar.

But the court?

The thing about the pickleball court is how much smaller it is than a tennis court and this is where so many people have questions – how much smaller is it?

Here’s a video showing the size of a pickleball court vs. a tennis court.

Conclusion – Your Takeaways

  • pickleball courts are much smaller than tennis courts
  • four pickleball courts can easily fit on one tennis court
Difference Between Pickleball and Tennis Court – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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