Oh, how I love pickleball – poems for the romantic!

Pickleball poems for the romantic

For The Love of The Sport

The game of pickleball is great,
and I am so happy when I play.
It’s filled with excitement and energy,
that brightens my day.

I wish that I had tried this sport much sooner,
but now the joy it brings is plain to see.
Each time on the court, my mood improves faster;
with some friends we are bound to have a good glee.

Thoughts of competing come quickly to me—
to challenge may take for granted a win or thoughtfully scheme.
It really just shows what joy sports can set free:
That’s why I love playing pickleball so much you see!

The Frustrating Rules of Pickleball

I heard the whispers, of Pickleball that’s done
It requires strategy and skill to be won
It can take patience and time to learn the rules
To make sure your skills are polished and cool
From service court to doubles or singles you play
Knowing the score and technique along the way  
At first it seems tricky,but soon you’ll recycle
once you’ve learned the basics you’ll live for this game so recreational.

Clashing of Pickleball Clothing

Why must my clothes have to fit the bill,
That the color of pickleball be a sure deal?  
I want to wear bright colors, it can be quite bold;
But there’s a rule that holds me back from that I’m so told.  

Green or yellow for my shirt it must be;
And why is this lesson taught by thee?
Maybe because it looks messy and unappealing;
But I can’t help but find it very stealing.  

I’ll abide this rule with a frown so deep
For ’tis an unjust one as far as I can peep.
If things don’t have to match,
then I’ll just have to watch!

Paying More For a Pickleball Paddle

The pickleball paddle looks like a ping-pong grip,
A versatile piece of equipment we’ll always whip.
Yet for pickleball it’s the only way to play,
Ready to take your game to a whole new day.

It does cost more than a typical ping-pong paddle,
But don’t think twice you mustn’t be unable.
Cause with this special pickleball paddle,
You can win and cause your opponents to lose their battle!

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