Pickleball vacations? The newest craze in travel!

Pickleball vacations will be HOT in 2023

Never heard of destination travel for pickleball players?

Well, they have been around for many years and post-COVID these are catching on like wildfire.

It’s no surprise that the pickleball scene has grown now that pickleball is becoming more and more popular around the country as a top vacation destination.

Whether people are going on a vacation or making a self-drive tour, there are a number of pickleball destinations springing up everywhere.

Whether you book a vacation package or decide to decide upon a destination yourself and travel there by yourself, there are infinite options when it comes to pickleball travel. In fact, the wide variety of vacation choices enables the possibilities for pickleball travel to feel overwhelming.

Resort Pickleball Packages

Travelling to a resort as a destination for playing pickleball is one of the top options; resorts are very popular.

All-inclusive resorts with pickleball courts, lessons and amenities are the top choice among vacations spots for pickleball players!

Even if you get a bit tired of playing pickleball day and night (?), there is always something to do at a resort. Warm weather resorts feature scenic beachfront view, spa services, surfing, snorkeling, hiking and golfing, among other things.

Cold weather travel? Always snowboarding, skiing and just relaxing in a hot tub overlooking snow mountains – then pickleball the next morning!

The most fun pickleball vacations come from learning pickleball from some of the top pickleball players. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled , your getaway will be fun and rejuvenating while improving your pickleball game.

Best part?

Many pickleball vacation packages include pro pickleball lessons whether the pro travels with you or they’re on the property when you get there.

You’re Welcome!

No one is excluded on these travel packages – they highly encourage all levels of play so it is mixed up. Yes, there will be serious and experienced players but the nature of the sport is it is all-welcoming and less experienced players will never feel left out. There may be tournaments for advanced players as well as beginners.

Whether in Brewster, Massachusetts or Las Vegas, Nevada, resort are the top pick for their variety of services and amenities and the packages they put together for picklers – worth the money. (Of course, a Sandals resort in Jamaica would not be bad either…)

Vacation Packages for Picklers

Some of the best pickleball vacations are when you work with a company to help out a bit.

If you would like to learn about new cultures, going on dates, or want to try something different when you are off the court, do some investigating for pre-planned tour packages that might interest you from a pickleball club or a holiday company.

There are dozens of companies that will help you pull together a travel package so you can play pickleball as much as you’d like but also get out and try other things as well. Companies that specialize in pickleball travel will (or should) listen to what you are looking for so tell them what your typcial day should include and they’ll tailor around your needs and wants.

You can be playing a couple of hours in the morning then out-and-about the rest of the day experiences local culture and sites. Pickleball travel is a great excuse to see the world, make new friends and play pickleball.

Top Pickleball Destinations

As far as the top pickleball travel destinations, well, that’s like asking “what’s your favorite meal”?

There are many great pickleball travel destinations in the United States. Arizona, South Carolina, California, and Florida are all great places to play pickleball. Each state has its own unique pickleball scene, so you’re sure to find a place to play that suits your style.

International travel for pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport that is growing in popularity internationally. Traveling to Bermuda, Cancun, and Jamaica to play pickleball is a great way to enjoy the game and the beautiful locations. The climate in these locations is perfect for playing pickleball year-round.

Conclusion – Your Takeaways

  • pickleball vacations are very popular
  • folks who travel for pickleball are very welcoming
  • you may want to book your pickleball vacation with an agent
  • think California, Arizona and Cancun for top warm weather pickleball travel spots
Pickleball Vacations – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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