2023 top pickleball gifts for Christmas (paddles not on the list!)

Tis the season for great gifts

What can you get your fave pickler who has everything?

Or better yet:

What can you get the pickleball player who has everything?

Some of the most popular holiday gifts for 2023 may be a surprise. You may actually be able to get him/her something that they don’t already have!

Pickleball is a fun sport, yet we all know it can be very competitive – and that doesn’t stop with the game itself.

Pickleball players are always trying to outdo others whether showing off their latest $300 paddle, the latest leather jacket with the pickle logo (yikes and yes, they do exist) or even a pickleball vacation. We’re good-natured people – but we are human.


Pickleball paddles are out as gift items for the 2023 Christmas/Holiday season.

Sorry folks. Selecting a pickleball racket for someone is like giving them an abstract painting that you like for their new living room – they may put it on the wall if you visit. Check your rear-view mirror as you’re leaving though as that’s coming off the wall real quick.

Same with paddles… other than getting a person their very first pickleball paddle, that’s OK.

But if your fave pickler has one or more paddles, we suggest holding off on that uncomfortable experience.

Here are the top 2023 holiday gift ideas we’ve assembled for pickleball enthusiasts.

One of the best gifts to give any pickleball player, regardless of their experience level, is an easy way to pickup all the balls after / between games. Collecting all those balls sort of takes away all the fun as you find yourself bending over what seems like a hundred times.

Pickleball players are tired of having to pick up balls off the court.

Pickleball is a fun, fast-paced sport, but it’s hard to play when you have to keep picking up balls off the court.

Solution: use a pickleball ball retriever, a handy tool that helps you pick up balls without bending over.

pickleball ball collector

Focus on playing…

This very convenient and affordable gift is perfect for any pickler! It’s easy to use, low tech, holds as many as forty (40) balls and will save your pickleball player (or you?) lots of time.

We found the best and most affordable ball collector in the Kollectaball.

Beginners and even intermediate pickleball players sometimes get caught up and even stressed keeping score during the game. You can avoid any disagreements that may come about.

These are very easy to use, have large screens, and are multifunctional wristbands that takes the anxiety out of keeping an accurate score especially as the game gest heated.

Don’t you have enough on your mind and want to focus on the game itself? This “device” will be a welcome addition to your game and will certainly one-up your opponents.

Giving a meaningful gift has become increasingly important in a world conscious of sustainability and the environment. The trend toward eco-friendly gifting is on the rise, and canvas pickleball bags stand out as a thoughtful, practical, and stylish option. Not only do they support the eco-conscious movement, but they also offer a unique blend of functionality and fashion.

pickleball tote bag

Canvas pickleball tote bags are becoming a go-to gift for many due to their durability and practicality.

Easily washable and strong enough to withstand heavy groceries or daily essentials, they are gifts that keep on giving. Sales of tote bags have increases an average of 10% each year for the past five years!

Placing a fun twist on the traditional canvas bag, pickleball tote bags show personality and pizzazz. The Pickleball Swag Shop has curated a collection that not only serves the utilitarian purpose but also displays a love for the sport.

pickleball tote bags

Packing it all in…

Canvas tote bags can be the ideal gift for a multitude of occasions. Their utility coupled with the option to personalize them adds immense value to the gift.

Gotta tell you, some of these can get rather pricey… but we all need one (or two perhaps?) no matter how much you spend on them.

Pickleball backpacks are truly indispensable. For beginners, mid-level pickleball players or professional, every player has a backpack – or wants one!

There are so many variations, and they are tops on the list of 2023/2024 pickleball gifts once again, and for good reason.

They can hold everything you need for the game itself and even afterwards as there should be plenty of room for a snack and a couple of White Claws later.

Can we recommend one in particular – no, sorry.

pickleball backpacks

Packing it all in…

2023 Pickleball backpacks come in every shape, color, design, fabric, and with/without personalization (such as initials of player, logos, etc.).

That said, there are some pickleball backpacks especially designed for women and quite attractive / functional.

This list is just endless so we’re not going to list all the new gift items for 2023/2024 – there is just no limit!

New this year?

  • pickle bandages
  • candy
  • scrunchies and hair ties
  • deck of cards
  • candy canes for the tree
  • socks (not so new)
  • and fine (really fine) jewelry
christmas gift guide

Last minute (?) ideas…

Forget about the larger online stores for miscellaneous pickleball gifts. The best selection is from PickleballCentral as this is all they do – they get the best gift items and many are made just for them as you will not find anywhere else. Shop early as some are actually selling out now.

Best Holiday Pickleball Gifts – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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